JAG as a business has evolved to focus more on the health and wellbeing of our clients. We want to help you enhance your life from a mental, physical and emotional aspect, so we’ve included yoga classes, pilates sessions and massage therapy in our services.

Yoga helps our clients practice moving meditation, yoga is a very relaxing and stress reliving practice that we believe is a big part of becoming the best version of yourself. Pilates is a movement based practice that will help you move more efficiently and reduce injury through the strengthening of the core. Massage is key to stress management and reduction, with JAG you be feeling more relaxed and energised with a 20 minutes treatment.

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Inclusive yoga classes, based around physical and mindful movements


JAG Yoga Classes

The foundation of Yoga is the breath work and meditation. It is what helps us to maintain the postures, focus our thoughts and increase our inner strength, so we always draw focus back to this key aspect of the practise. We will be aiming to harness the ancient tools of meditation and breath work, which can be intensely rewarding in quieting the busy mind, reducing anxiety and reconnecting us to our inner peace.

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£120 £60

T&C: The Yoga Pass starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 12 weeks. The Pass is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.

4-week yoga program

The yoga classes will be based on a 4-week guide, which will work with exploring and opening the energy Chakra’s:

Week 1 – “I count my blessings” 

A reflective class on who/what we are grateful for and how we can work on gratitude.

Week 2 – Self care and Self love

Practising with a gentle mindfulness and acceptance.

Week 3 – Finding & cultivating inner strength 

A fiery class which will be energising and up-lifting.

Week 4 – Reflecting and outcome

Coming back to reflection – assessing what has and what hasn’t changed since Week 1 (in terms of mind and body)

Services & pricing

Yoga classes

10 Sessions Pass for £120 £60

Wednesdays at 6pm, Get Creative Studios – Manchester Piccadilly

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T&C: The 10 Sessions Pass starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 12 weeks. The Pass is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.

Health MOT

  • 30 mins consultation per appointment 
  • Health check up on 12 major health indicators
  • Health consultancy and referral 
  • Referral process & nutritional recommendations, if needed 
  • Price on consultation

Manchester city centre location

Get Creative Studios

14-16 Whitworth St, Manchester Piccadilly M1 3BS